URSA: Gear Tests Complete, Event Scheduled for NorCal

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Aug 11, 2009
URSA (Unlimited Range Shooters Association) has competed testing of six IRIS shot-indicator systems and six 37" diameter steel gongs. The steel was undamaged from hits by a DTA HTI in .338 LM and an EDM Windrunner in .50 BMG - not even a slight crater - at 2050 yards (slightly longer than our minimum for competition and recognition shooting, 2000 yards).

Our first NorCal event will be held on Sunday, May 3rd.We be shooting at, and this event will be limited to, 2050 yards on National Forest lands in the mountains between Ukiah and Clear Lake, one hillside across to another. From the same shooting location we have also identified another target zone at 3200 yards, so this venue has some "growth" opportunity.Access by car is possible, standard-ride-height pickups preferred, 4WD not required. If your vehicle sits low to the ground you may have problems.

We will rendezvous at 0730 and caravan together to the shooting location (the targets will be set up the day before).The rendezvous location will be e-mailed to shooters NLT than April 28th.Parking is limited to roadside only and priority will be given to shooters from point of driving up thru unloading their gear. The road that we use is adjacent to the shooting location and MUST be kept open to non-event vehicular traffic. There is also NO "facilities", NO water.

Course of fire will primarily be getting on target and qualifying to shoot the formal part of the event. Shooters need to score hits three (3) times out of 10 shots to qualify. If the light comes on your shot is scored as a hit, if not, as a miss. The light is final. Based on our experience earlier this week, we expect that qualifying will run from 2 to 2.5 hours, possibly longer. NOTE:Leave your AP and incendiary ammo at home as they are one of the few things on the hardware side that are strictly prohibited. Also, only shots that turn the lights on count as hits. Nicks and weak rounds which do not turn the lights on are misses.

All shooters and spotters, and anyone else that will require access to the firing line, will need to sign the liability release portion of the
Liability Release, Build Sheet, & Results (form). Shooters also need to complete the Build Sheet section. Please download, print, and come to the rendezvous location with the form completed. We will not be leaving the rendezvous location until all forms are completed and turned in to the event "organizers". Use of eyesight and hearing protection is mandatory - equipment checked at rendezvous location.

URSA is totally non-commercial and there is NO fee, charge, or any other form of compensation required or accepted. URSA is fully described at UnlimitedRange.org - Home.

While we already have about 10 shooters lined up from earlier posts on the Cal Guns forums, anyone reading this post and interested in shooting should e-mail the CA/NV Regional Director, Lynn Dragoman, at [email protected]. He will decide at what point the list will close.

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