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Aug 11, 2009
15 Apr 2018 - Recap of the “URSA 3000 Yard Challenge (2018)” (by Fred, SoCal MD, and Facilitator)

The day started with ideal conditions, about 1 mph wind and slight overcast. Regrettably, that was followed by shooters taking 10 practice shots at 2630 yards (per the published CoF, there should only have been 3). With the addition of Chris and Carlos (from the day before), there were 6 competitors – Annono01, Bill, Carlos, Chris, Scott, and Tu (1 NorCal and 5 SoCal). The event ended quickly with only Annono01 scoring 4 hits at 2630 to move down range – becoming our 2018 event Winner. Bill, Chris, Scott, and Tu then did a Sudden Death for Runner-Up, but at 3135 yards (should have been at the then-current distance, 2630 yards). Scott won the Runner-Up honors with two hits.

Annon01 was shooting the rifle described in the April 14th recap. Scott was shooting his self-built, substantially modified, AR-50A1 in .416 Barrett with AR action and chassis, 32” K&P barrel, Vortex Razor HD Gen II scope (4.5-27x56) with Scott’s self-built scope mount (70 MOA), and 472 gr Cutting Edge MTAC bullets.

Limited pics added to the Gallery, most pics I received had target and distance mismatched.

14 Apr 2018 - Recap of the NorCal Apr ‘18 event (by RD, Lynn Dragoman and Facilitator); recap of the SoCal Apr ’18 (monthly) event (by Fred, SoCal MD (data), and Facilitator)

NorCal – no match, “weather” (again).

SoCal – actually, event-results-wise, a superior day to Sunday (the 3K). There were 5 shooters, 2 who were pre-qualified for the 3K, and 3 who were scrambling to qualify at the very last opportunity. Two of those scrambler, Chris and Carlos, made it in - in the process, of course, scoring achievement targets, both shooters with 5 hits in 10 shots at 2080 yards. Four of the five shooters qualified to shoot the Saturday (monthly) event and 3 of them had 4 or more hits in 10 shots at 2080 yards to move out to the next distance, 2630 yards – Annono01, Bill, and Carlos. Annono01 and Bill then both shot 4 in 10 to move to 3135 yards. Annono01 won the event with one hit. Bill was Runner-Up. Over the course of the day, Bill also scored his third and fourth achievement targets, only one more to earn the bright green Novice t-shirt. Way to go shooters!

Annono01 was shooting his self-smithed .375 SnipeTac with Stiller TAC408 action, Rock Creek barrel, XLR Evolution HD chassis, Nightforce Beast scope with Spuhr scope mount, and 400 gr Cutting Edge Lazers. He’s the first shooter with an event hit at the 3000+ yard distance. Great shooting!

The gear used to score achievement targets – Bill was shooting his DMR-built, Desert Tech HTI .375 CT with DTI action and chassis, 36” Bartlein barrel, Nightforce NSX 5.5-22x56 scope, Cold Shot MOAB 150 base with Barrett 40 MOA rings, and 361 gr. Warner Tool Flat Line bullets. Chris was shooting his Gruning Precision-built .338 LM Improved with Surgeon XL action, 30” Bartlein barrel, McMillan A5 stock, Vortex Razor HD Gen II scope (4.5-27x56) with Surgeon 30 MOA rail with Burris XLR Signature rings (40 MOA), and 300 gr Berger OTMs. Carlos was shooting his Accuracy Ordnance-smithed .338 LM with Stiller TAC338 action, 29” Brux barrel, McMillan A5 stock, Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56 scope with Spuhr rings (44 MOA), and 300 gr SMKs.

Limited pics added to the Gallery, most pics I received had target and distance mismatched.
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