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  1. kac1345

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    Feb 27, 2004
    [​IMG] Hey guys went to lake chabot range yesterday with a friend ..if anybody has not been there it is one of the nicest and most organized ranges that I have seen! anyways I just picked up my new custom built G.A. Precision Rifle after my agonizing 10 day waiting period lol! California stinks! anyways it was the day of the infamos barrel break-in ..I got 10 rounds cleaning after every shot before I just couldn't take it anylonger.. this took from 9am when the range opened to 3 in the afternoon, so instead of moving to 3 shot groups and cleaning after evry one I went staright to 5 shot groups.. the first 5 shot group was the last of my 175 Sierra Match kings that I loaded for break-in, they shot about 3/4" not bad but I knew this particular rifle would do much better since all of georges rifles are just tack drivers NO JOKE!! so I cleaned after that group and let my friend shoot a group with 168 match kings seated 12 thousanths off the lands.. I think I got lucky and found the sweet spot and the right load the very first outing, 46 grains of Varget anyways he proceded to shoot a group that was in the mid 3's (just over 3/8" of and inch) 5 shots and that included CCB shot (cold clean bore) just for those who may not know.. so I decided to give it a shot after cleaning , I ended up with a 5 shot group that was about 1/2" because my ccb was out about 1/8" still a very good group, I decide to shoot another before cleaning this one was 5 shots that measured .244 (a tad over a 1/4" group) my friend has pretty much the same rifle but his has a 25" Mike Rock Barrel non fluted with a MCmillen M40A1 stock and mine has a 22" Fluted Mike Rock Barrel with a Mcmillen A5 with an adj cheek peice , his rifle has around 500 round through it and his shoots nothing but sub 1/2 min groups all day! it looks like mine will be the same ..ohh yeah and my friends does it with Factory ammo , he has not tried handloads yet! I am posting a pic of the .244 group for you guys to check out...anybody interesed in picking one of these Rifles up just let me know and I would be happy to send you the link, the guy lives in Kansa City and is a team memebr and instructor of the KC police Sniper team. The Rifles are Pricy but not bad for a total custom rifle that is extremly accurate!! Talk later Keith ohh yeah just for referance the black dot is 3/4" all groups shot at 100 yards. [​IMG]