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    Sep 17, 2016
    I had both Carpal and Ulnar Tunnel operations about 20 years ago. The Carpal is high up on the Palm just about where the vertical crease on the Palm is and the Ulnar Tunnel is at the outside edge of wrist just above the Palm. Carpal is the thumb and first and middle finger and Ulnar services little and ring fingers. Surgery worked Great and is still effective after all this time even though I still use mouse and keyboard extensively. My doc just gave me a local as I needed to drive myself 130 miles back home.

    Anyway, if you haven't had operation yet or want to delay it, wear wrist braces when you sleep at night to keep you from bending your wrists down sharply for extended periods of time. They don't have to be the expensive orthopedic variety but the much cheaper roller blade wrirst protectors. Just remove the top piece of plastic that covers the back of the hand and keep the one in for the palm ... they also last longer.

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    I've been using splint and doing carpal tunnel PT for nearly a year now ...

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