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Sep 26, 2001
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DC, you said that the ultra varmint unertl with the 2" objective was the clearest glass you have seen. Where can you find them and are they fixed or varible power? Does Mr. HAWK prefer this top hat
If someone has an "Ultra Varmint" with 30 and 42x eyepieces. Then I will buy it as it is a one of a kind. I have been looking for a higher power Varmint. So I called unertl to see what powers they made. Unertl only made and makes the Ultra Varmint up to 15x. The 2" Target with 10x, 12x, 14x, 15x, 16x, 18x,20x,24x, 30x, 32x or 36x. Plus you can buy an "adapter" for $125 that gives you a 35% power increase over the present power, but not interchangable eyepieces. The Varmint has a large eyepiece than the Target for more light gathering. Now they also said that John Unertl rarely made one of a kind scopes but not the norm. Spoke with Unertl yesterday and that is what they say. Go to www.unertloptics.com or call 724-625-3810.

The 2" Ultra Varmint is a tad bit shorter then the 2" Target model.

The Ultra Varmint only was produced up to 15X.

The Hawk has a Unertl BV20 mounted on it at present. The BV20 is a shorter scope with the external adjustable clicks like the target models but the field of view is a bit wider. The objective is not 2" on the BV either. More like 44MM.
The unertls are all fixed power rifle scopes.

Yhey were always one of the finest scopes made and the best optics, especially the 2" Ultra.
is the Unertl scope site listed above the right place? All I ever see there is some blather about the USMC 10x scope. Never anything worthwhile about the others, like the Varmint, etc. Looks like the company was sold in 2000 after John Jr. passed away. Do the new holders not manufacture the same scopes? If so, is there anyplace online to take a gander at them?

I've got a 40X in .220 Swift that I can't seem to unload, so my thoughts are changing to mod'ing it to suite my tastes. One thing that has always gone hand in hand w/ Swifts in my mind is the external adjustment Unertl scopes, so I'm interested in seeing whats available, and what they cost.



The cost of the 2" Unertls when you can find them used, range in price from $550.00 to $850.00 for the 2" Programmers.

The BV20s are from $400.00 to $550.00

That's the price range I see most of the time in this area.

I don't know about the production of new ones and the waiting period to get one.

If you are interested Unertl scope check this web address as he has older external adusting scopes on hand. http://www.alexweb.net/unertl/
I also brought a 2" x 24 target Unertl from a guy down in Texas I think his name was Garry Fellars ?? and he advertises in the Precision Shooting Mag. in the small claissfieds section.


Ken Melgaard
I have 3 Unertl Ultra Varmints in 15X, and would sell you one for $600.00. It is complete with caps, standard mounts, and calibrated head. I even have the box.

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