Unertl BV-20


Darry Cassel was the big fan of those also. I have one on a 338 AI I am working with now.

Standard for Unertl is super clear optics and reliable tracking if set up on correct base spacing.

Bad point is not as easy to keep track of clicks up or down with large adjustments.

Going price is $400-500 in excellant condition.


John Myer at Custom Gunsmithing (540) 837-2598 in Boyce made mine. Should not be hard for any gunsmith to do if you are talking about a mounting rail. Will need the mounts and what click adjustment do you want (1/2, 1/4 or 1/8) to set the spacing for the mounts.

The BV20 is hard to beat for a long range hunting scope. The field of view is extra large, optics are great. Reticle is always centered, you can use it for as far as you want to shoot w/o running out of adjustment--you can shim bases for elevation and never bind the scope, you can make the adjustment 1/4 moa or 1/4 inch (which is a lot better for long range hunting) simply by changing the base separation. The adjustments read like a micrometer. It's superb even if you don't have a lighted reticle - make sure you read exactly how to make parallax adjustment--do not overturn.

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