Underground Skunkworks 300WM


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Apr 15, 2011
I had this gun built for a bear hunt a while back. I took a nice grizzly at 880yrds with it on video. Shoots great. Gun has right around 70 rounds through it. Accuracy guarantee of 3/8 MOA or better according to my build sheet. I just shot factory loads out of it and it shot lights out. I typically don't shoot for groups, but was banging steel out to 1000yrds when I was verifying my dope. Built on a controlled round feed Mod 70 action. Action was worked over and is smooth as glass.
Manners MCS-SL (flush cups both sides, ATLAS rail installed)
Krieger #4 24" 10 twist Fluted
VIAS style brake
Tuned Winchester trigger (bombproof)
15 MOA Rail
Rig weights in at 10lbs with scope. I'm guessing the rifle alone will weight right under 8lbs.

I paid $3350 for the gun and waited 1.5yrs for it to be completed. I know he raised the price to $4250 while I was waiting. I'm not sure if Mike Bush is still building guns, but he's a great gunsmith if you can stand the wait. Mike built this gun himself, not one of the smith's that were working under him at the time. He's a **** good rifle builder, one of the best, IMO. Lockheed Martin sued him over the 'Skunkworks' name so he's now called BlackOps Precision from what I recall. I think Wildcall Customs was the name he built his hunting guns under.
The scope is a mil/mil illuminated Premier (Tangent Theta) LT 3-15 that I will sell separately. It's NOT included in the price. These are great FFP crossover scopes. Great for tactical/hunting. 24oz. Current model sells for around $3300. Price is neg.

$2850 Rifle Only
$4825 Scope & Rifle

I don't check PM's at work. Email is the best way to contact me. I return emails Mon-Fri 8-5pm. I will be out of the country in Oct if this post is still around then.

No Trades at this time
Price is firm

God Bless


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