Ultrasonic Case Cleaners?

Thanks for the article. I have a new Ultrasonic cleaner sitting here and lots of brass to clean.

I would also like to try it out on my muzzle brake :)
I use a little cheap one that Frankonia sold. It was weird, it came with a cleaning solution that had an odour like I could remove copper with it! That would have been bad news.

I mix water and white vinegar in about equal parts with a little dishwashing liquid. I tried a few things. I need about 15min to get the job done.

Mine is way too small, so I put short whisky glasses upright in the unit and fill the glasses and stand the cases upright.

I'd get a bigger unit first time around if I were you, but I wasnt' sure I'd be happy to use it, or with the results and didn't want to spend a pile of money on (another) an item I wouldn't use much.

I don't think it really adds to performance, but I do it anyway.
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