Ultimate rifle build-off


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Jan 23, 2012
Anchorage, Alaska
Was just laying here thinking about all the awesome custom rifle builder we have out there to choose from, and it made me think of those 2000 - 2010 (not sure exact dates) biker build off shows they had. High end, well known custom motorcycle builders would build a custom bike in a challenge against another bike builder, and fans would vote on the best bike. What if we had that in the custom rifle world? Like a build off where some of our builders out there build a one off, do whatever they want, custom build? Would love to see what these talented shops could come up with. They could choose the caliber, the paint scheme, cerakoting…put it up with like a maximum of 10 pics and one 1-20 second video. Maybe show what load they settled on, and how accurate it is. Winner takes both guns…could sell them or keep the if they wanted. I bet we would see some super amazing builds for sure! Just thinking out loud…off to chase brown bears in the morning, just wanted to share my spontaneous thought.

I like the idea. It could be something like, Forged In Fire, but rifles, where the smiths build the rifle around a specific factory cartridge and purpose. Maybe Hornady, Hodgdon and others would sponsor. Let reliability, ergonomics and accuracy be the deciding factors for the winner. With the variety of cartridges available in 2023, it could be an interesting show for a season, or two.
I don't think established and well known builders would be interested. They'd have to find hobbyists and part-time smiths, that don't have a widely know reputation, yet.
I don’t like the speed, limited materials, and stress elements that those shows all employ……along with totally subjective scoring.
I like it, but don't you know the ammo that the anti-gunners are going to try to turn this into. Now we are teaching the masses to rapid shoot without an AR.
Things have gotten so ridiculous, but let some "armed" invaders show up then who will they be looking to for protection, I don't think it'll be Feinstein, Bowden or any other of their ilk.