SOLD/EXPIRED Ultimate Rem700 .308

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    Sep 18, 2003
    Medical Bills and my family need to come first...

    So for sale:
    Remington 700 SA in .308
    - lengthened ejection port for .308
    - action has been trued
    - LW-50 Match .308 barrel w/ recessed crown
    - Bolt has 3-screw mod
    - USO Extended scope rail
    - USO Tactical rings
    - USO Picatinny level
    US Optics SN-3 44mm 3-17
    - MOA-Dot reticle
    - 11 position lit reticle
    - 90-click elevation knob
    - M40 windage knob
    - Butler caps
    NOTE* This scope performs and tracks perfectly.

    Also included:
    - Fitted Starlight Case
    - Harris BRM Swivel Bipod
    - Brownells Competitior Plus Sling w/ Mil-Spec Swivels
    - Dewey coated rod and Bore Guide
    All Documentation.

    Final notes: This rifle will print .3" at 100 yards regularly off the bench on bipod with Fed GMM 168's and 175's. The scope has performed perfectly and has been used at 1000 yards with elevation to spare. This is an excellent rifle that is an absolute pleasure to shoot, and will make any owner proud.

    Price: $4000 Serious inquiries only, please contact me via email or PM to discuss any quetsions or concerns.