Two factory rifles for sale 270 & 338


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Feb 25, 2010
Hello all. I'm moving two rifles that don't see much use anymore. First is a left-handed ruger m77 in 270. Will go with 150 pieces of brass and rcbs full length dies. Scope in picture not included but the ruger rings are. Asking $650 shipped to your FFL.IMAG0292.jpg

Second is a Remington 700 in 338 rum. This is what Remington was calling their "bdl custom deluxe" with the roll press engraving on the receiver and floor plate. This rifles has a vais radial muzzle brake that was installed by the folks at vais. It is lightly torqued and easily threads on and off. 26" barrel, glass bedded, and free floated. Has always shot well for me. The rifle will go with 120 pieces of brass and an rcbs neck dies set. Asking $750 shipped to your FFL.IMAG0283.jpg IMAG0285.jpg IMAG0286.jpg

More picture for upon request, pm me your email or phone number and I can get them to you

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