SOLD/EXPIRED Two barrels for sale both Remington,


Dec 14, 2009
Two barrels for sale both Remington,
1.SOLD New 308 heavy factory barrel blued with muzzel brake 11.5 twist 26" $200.00

2. For Sale : Used 7mm STW factory barrel 26" stainless fluted and theaded for muzzle brake but no brake included $100.00

3. Like new Rifle Basix Trigger for Remington (ERV-3K plus Rem-SAF Kit) includes safety $130.00

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Is #2 a Sendero barrel? Do you know the round count, what barrel threads, accuracy, etc..?
Yes the barrel came off a Sendero it belonged to a friend of mine I was going to build a stw but desided not to at this time. i dont know much about how many rounds or the tread size. the only reason I'm selling them I going to build a 338 edge on a savage.
I take it the 308 barrel is factory chambered? is the brake factory installed or is it after market and what brake is it? and is the 26" length with brake and is that measured from the end of the threads or from the throat ? just trying to understand actual length as I am interested if dimensions are good for me. Oh how many flutes?
Maybe you could shoot me a pic? [email protected] " I'll take it" if it meets my needs.

The 308 barrel is factory heavy and the brake is after market I don't know the mfg. and the barrel is 26" end of threads to end of threads. Their is no flutes on the barrel and i don't know how to put a picture on here so email me at
[email protected] and I'll send you one that way.
Thanks Bob