Twist for 338/408 with SMK


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Oct 26, 2006
I will be picking one of the big 338's...(AM, Snipe-tac, Baer, own) I was on the fence hoping for 375 bullets and now I am realizing 375 and even the "other" 338 bullets are dead with no real options. So setting the 408 up for the 300 SMK what would be the twist/length of choice? It's going to be a heavy/awkward gun anyway so a couple inches doesn't matter at this point. I know a 10 will be OK but why over cook the SMK at that point........make sense?

Joel Russo

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Jul 5, 2006
Harrisburg, PA
In all the .338-.408 rifles that I have worked with, the 10 twist seems to be fine. With the 300 SMK, you will find your best accuracy around the 3200 fps mark. Which is a comfortable load for the brass you have to work with. I have pushed them much faster, at the expense of the brass, but they always shoot best around the 3200 fps area.
I shoot the .338-.408 Imp, Baer's design, which is simialr to the other improved cases.
As for barrel length, I've had them from 28" -36", in my opinion, the 33" barrel seems to work well.
With the 10 tw, I don't think you're "over cooking" them at all.
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