TVP Ultimate Payback $5000 Intimidator Challenge


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Jan 22, 2003

TVP has decided to give back to the shooters in a way that should motivate the best precision shooters on the planet, and those that desire to be.
We are offering a FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR (75% payback of the pot total to a TVP member and %50 to non-members) pay back for whoever can break the elusive perfect 160 score on our world class steel course THE INTIMIDATOR.

The details are as follows.
First off I haven't enforced our membership here TVP.
Due to the improvements we are making with our new steel courses and the upcoming addition of the new 100 and 200 yard line to the south/right end of the building we are forced to make some changes.

Starting April 1 TVP memberships are $50.00 per year.
Membership is good one calendar year. If your a member you will receive $10.00 off ALL match fees including steel events and paper matches including sactioned IBS matches.

Starting March 20th 2010 all Intimidator entry fees for TVP members are $30.00 and non members are $40.00. After particapating in 5 matches as a member your savings have paid for your membership. Same with IBS paper matches. Also, range day rates (1 HR. or 8 hrs.)for members through the week and available weekends is $20 per day and $30 for non-members. Again, membership has it's advantages.

As for the $5000.00 payback for a perfect 160 score on the Intimindator..this pot will grow each match until the 160 barrier has been broken. Here's how.
Each Intimidator steel event the shooter must pay $5 if he is a member of TVP to be eligible to win the $5000.00 payback. If your a non-member you must pay $10. Again...the good part.
If no one breaks the record for a's only going to get bigger. There will set no limit to the size of this pot.
After each match and I will announce how much the pot has grown so we know what we are shooting for next time.

Now for the range record. If a shooter breaks the range record you will receive $250 payback. The current record is 119 set by Mark Simpson of NC shooting a .338 LM
Again, members pay $5 to be eligible for the winnings and non-members pay $10. 75% payback members and %50 non members. This pot will continue to grow till the record is broke and at that point we will start all over with $250.00.

More details to come, see you on the 20th.



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Jan 22, 2003
Our schedule is filling up. Please understand that some of the matches and dates at some point may need to be adjusted. Example, when we start the new courses like 500 yard and under and the Gauntlet, if participation is low and not much interest we will adjust back to Intimidator. Which is VERY popular at this point. So with all that in mind I tried to customize the schedule for different shooting interests. I guess we will feel it out and see what happens.

7th 500 & under steel (need a name for this)
14th Intimidator
20th Intimidator
21st Gauntlet
27th 8th annual .308 only match
3rd IBS 1000 yard matches 1&2
3rd 1st Suppressed only nite shoot
4th IBS 600 yard matches 1&2
10th 500 yard & under steel
11th Intimimdator
17th-18th ALL suppressed 1000 yard paper shoot day position one nite shoot. details soon
Shark Suppressors/David Whitson will be here
23rd-25th .50 shoot North coast shooters club all .50 shooters welcome. more details soon
1st IBS 1000 yard matches 3&4
1st All suppressed nite shoot
2nd IBS 600 yard matches 3&4
15th Gaunlet
16th Intimidator
23rd 500 yard & under steel
29th Intimidator day and suppressor only nite shoot
5th IBS 1000 yard matches 5&6
6th IBS 600 yard matches 5&6
12th Gauntlet
13th 500 yard and under steel
19th Intimidator
26th Intimidator day/nite shoot agg/individual
3rd IBS 1000 yard macthes 7&8
4th IBS 600 yard matches 7&8
10th 500 yard and under steel
11th Intimidator
17th Suppressed only paper match
18th Gauntlet
24th Intimidator day/nite shoot agg/individual
25th 500 yard and under steel
7th IBS 1000 yard matches 9&10
8th IBS 600 yard matches 9&10
14th Intimidator
15th 500 yard & under steel
21st Intimidator day/nite shoot agg/individual
22nd Gauntlet
28th 500 yard & under
29th Intimidator

Ok, hopefully this spells it out for now. I will post all details for matches in ample time for you to be prepaired.
We are very much looking forward to our 2010 shooting season, it's been a long winter!
More info coming soon.

Tom Sarver

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