Turkeys, Hogs and Turtles

Ian M

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May 3, 2001
Sask. Canada
Just back from six days of hunting in Texas NW of Abilene. Weather was hot and dry, game was very plentyful, good camp and a LOT of shooting. Lots of long range muzzleloader testing, new bullet and propellant among other stuff.
Did some serious long range muzzeloader shooting with a new bullet that T/C designed and Hornady is making. 4.5" 3-shot groups at 300, perfect mushrooms and complete pass-throughs on fairly big hoggies. Hog dropped like a stone at 250 from one of the new bullets through the chest, they are going to be nasty killers. Watch for Shockwaves, coming out real soon.
Unreal number of turtles taking over the water-holes/fish-ponds. Rancher hates the suckers so wanted them removed. Fired over 1000 rounds of .22 LR ammo thru a brand new T/C target rifle called the Benchmark. 6-24 Swarovski on it, made for a killin-machine. Turtles vs Benchmark = nasty results. Many shots about 75-100 yards, heads only so was very tricky shooting.
Also spent a lot of time shooting the Hornady 17 rimfire, did up a hell of a bunch of turtles and some rabbits. It is extremely accurate, nasty killing machine. Saw some coyotes killed clean, one at 150 yards. One hog killed at close range - hit between the horns.
Killed some turkeys with a .45 caliber inline, also a hog or two. Tested new 777 pellets out to 300 - they are superb, very good accuracy and snap with three-pellet load (150 grains) with the new 250 gr. Shockwave.
250 and 300 yards with an in-line fits into long range killing I believe.
Smoked a big hog with that high-performance long-range calber - the less than mighty .30-30 - 125 yards in the neck.

Anybody interested in a LR Hunting get-together on a super hunting ranch - cull some sows and/or does? Outfitter says he is interested in putting together a package sometime - has some incredible LR locations and setups. I am not an agent or nothing, just thought it would be a hell of fun time.
Sounds like you had a good time. Would love to hear any information on lr muzzeloader stuff. Am pushing my in-line as far as I can and am always looking for new stuff to push it farther. Thanks
I am very fortunate to have the opportunities to get into this stuff at the real early stages of developement and production. I am not sure how much further this can go, time of flight and wind are the big challenges.

Unfortunately living up here we will not get 777Pellets and Shockwaves for a while, both are being shipped in the U.S. and have got to shelves already.

Do we really need to shoot an in-line 250-300 yards? That is the big question - but I can tell you from experience that having the ability to shoot long is a very good thing if you need to put a hit animal down or are only getting one long shot at a trophy and will not be able to get closer. Bottom line is that the guy who has prepared for such a shot will get his critter out to these ranges, no doubt in my mind. If he hasn't done a bunch of shooting in wind he should not consider pulling the trigger. Regardless we should try to get closer, but it don't always work out that way and this new stuff is extending my confidence envelope another 50 yards or even more.
How does three inches high at 100 and three inches low at 200 sound for easy hunting with an in-line?
Ian, should have said you were coming down and I could have talked to the weather man for you
Glad you got some of those hogs and rabbits.

Jim there's alot of place were you can hunt hogs in the Great (large) State of TEXAS. All depends on how long you want to stay and how many you want to shoot
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