Turkey vest worth consideration


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Apr 1, 2016
Found this vest seams well made had a 4.7/5 star or 96% positive rating out of 93 reviews at Amazon and felt for those in the market for a new turkey vest it would be worth their taking a look at it. At the TideWe sight it's $90 TYD if you use the discount code SUB10 and get 10% off
I feel it is as well laid out and configured as any turkey vest I have seen and better than most. I pulled the trigger on one and will do a review of it once I get it. It has a removable built in back rest seating system as well.


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Aug 26, 2018
Northern California
I have the same one and it works great.


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Apr 1, 2016
Well got my vest and used it for two hunts both six hour sneeknpeek runNgun hunts
First the negatives
Vest arrived with slight damage to inside of front right pocket. Sticking was apart for about a 4.3 inch length of the outside facing inner pocket panel. Called TideWe left message and they called me back within the hour. Requested I send a phone pic of failed area to CS PH# which I did.
They offered to refund 30% of the cost of the vest to my CC company VS a return and exchange which I accepted. This is VG CS but I obviously would've much preferred the vest to have arrived undamaged
Second negative which is a matter of MY opinion and might not be one in YOUR opinion

The vest has two outside pockets for pot calls that work very well but they fit so securely it is impossible to put a striker in with the pot and close the zipper. On All 4 of my pot calls I use lanyards to attach both strikers as well as a 2" sq piece of 80 grit sandpaper and 2" sq piece of Scotch Bright so I had to put the strikers in the pocket above the ones for the pot calls worked out quite well actually

Last negative again this is MY opinion but the vest only has provisions for carrying one bottle of water that work well at securely holding the bottle in place. Would MUCH preferred it had two dedicated water bottle holders.

Now for positives
Other than the failed seam the rest of the vest is very well made.
It has more than enough external and internal pockets to carry my normal load of
at least two pot calls W/2 strikers
one paddle call
Mouth call container with 5 calls
two shock calls
a small can of bug spray
my face mask and light gloves
Two flashlights
Small folding saw
Fiskers pruning shears
gutting gloves
tags lic & pen
4 lens wipes
Butt wipe
Water bottle
6 snack bars
4 spare 12ga 3.5" shells
One rosewood striker
Collapsible decoy stick
Hen decoy in back of pack
After packing all this I still had considerable room for more stuff

The removable, collapsible and adjustable back rest is well made and works VERY well.
It is very fast and very easy to use requiring minimal effort to deploy or fold up. It also so far for two hunts was absolutely quite. I experienced no metal on metal noises while using it or while walking or crawling.
It gives very very good back support.
Only thing I wish I could change and others might not have any issue with but I did about the back rest is I wish it had ever so slightly less lean and sat my back at less of a backwards angle but the angle is absolutely workable and very comfortable. Again this is a very minor short coming in MY opinion you others may find it no issue at all.

The seat cushion is 100% absolutely without any doubt WHATSOEVER the most comfortable seat cushion I have ever EVER used. And that's coming from a guy who weighs 260lbs and needs two new hips. IMO the seat cushion is every bit as important for making the vest as comfortable to sit as the backrest and possibly more.

I had no issues sitting for 60-75 minutes in the dark awaiting dawns arrival and shooting light in very good comfort. For longer walks the cushion is held in place by two very easy to reach and open snap buckles and when moving short distances when you need to get the cushion up out of your way but will need to deploy it ASAP there are powerful magnets two on cushion and two on the back of the vest that will secure the cushion up and out of the way. The cushion also adjusts for length up or down.
I had no issues with the back rest slipping or sliding away while I was seated. Later the first day of the hunt my friend and I spotted a Tom on the move set up in front of him the backrest and seat were so comfortable I fell sound asleep and my friend who was seated about 10 feet behind me after failing to wake me up by whispering my name hit me in the back of my head with a dirt clod a lot of which ended up going down my back under my camo shirt.

I also did a lot of maneuvering while seated to see how easy or hard it would be to shift my seated position while hunting for those times you need to and I confirmed moving is extremely easy and can be done **** near silently. I can see having almost no issues shifting to get a shot angle on a Tom that came in on your weak side you could not get a shot angle on unless you moved. And moving while seated is simply a matter of either just pivoting silently on the seat or if you need to adjust more simply leaning forward to raise the feet of the back rest just off the ground pivoting on the seat shift lift pivot and repeat until you have your shot angle.

All in all a very good vest worth $90TYD especially if you like me must have a considerable level of comfort to be able to maximize your abilities to sit and remain still for as long as need be.

Despite the poped seam I plan on fixing, I would recommend this vest and I have at least two more days to hunt in it coming up (one by myself and one with my son) if at the end of both hunts I am still very satisfied with it I will buy at least one more for my sons to use to help eliminate the need of using turkey chairs when we hunt large tracts of public land to help minimize our weight and maximize our mobility.
Hope this review was helpful
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