Trouble picking a scope for a 243AI


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Oct 14, 2008
Western Oklahoma
I'm having trouble finding a scope for my 243AI. I have a shot to trade a Vanguard for a VXII 4.5-14X40. I want to run turrets so I'd have to have them added by Leupold. Is this a good scope for coyotes out to about 6-700 and deer at 4-500? The rifle is a catch all that goes everywhere. I am on a tight budget and need a good new scope. What are the best options for a scope that won't break the bank in this power and price range?
don't cheat yourself or the rifle with "not enuf" scope. I use Leupold vx-3LR 30mm, 4.5x14x50, with varmint hunter reticle, good combo for the 243 AI, these can be had for about $690-700
After spending some time behind a Bushnell 6500 Tactical I would recommend it over the others mentioned and they are too in that price range.

For the money I was actually pretty impressed with the optics of the 6500 and this is coming from a non Bushnell fan. The clicks are VERY positive, which I think is a good thing and they have their own sorta kinda version of a zero stop.
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