Trouble Chambering??


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Mar 25, 2003
I am having trouble chambering "some" of my handloads. The rifle is a 300 wm. I am shooting 200 accubonds over 70.5 grains of imr 4831. The cases have been shot about 5 times. When I try to chamber some of them it is though the chamber is too short. If I force it, it will chamber but not what I want. I re-checked the lengths and even ran them through a collet body die for fear that the area before the belt is expanded. What I did notice is that when I forced one of them in and extracted it from the chamber, the area around the primer(outer edge)was very shiney, as though it was shaved off. Any suggestions? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif
From your inital descriptions is appears from here that after numerous reloads your cartridge's shoulder has moved ahead giving your headspace an incorect value. If you have a "go" gage you my check your chamber length and if it closes on your "go" it is the length of the case. I use a body die from Reding to set back the shoulder w/out resizinng the neck. Remember headspace is measured from the base to the datum line of the shoulder in non-belted cartriges.For belts, there is a new type of die. Overbore
is your rifle a rem 700? if so ive had the same problem, if not it sounds like the same problem. I have just messed around with different brass and some works well and doesnt give me issues while some reloads I have used have been real difficult to chamber and there is a slight amount of brass that seems shaved off on the bottom of the case. All I can suggest is try some different brass and see how that treats you. I remember black hills I had problems with but remington and winchester didnt give me many issues.
I am shooting with a Mod 70 action. I do not have a go,no- go guage but I might have to buy one. I forgot to mention that I am shooting Norma brass.
Check the diameter of the belt and just in front of the belt. Norma brass is soft and it is possible to expand the belt enough that it is too large in diameter to chamber.

You mention a collet body die? I thought the only collet die was a neck die? If you have fired the brass 5 times and using a lee collet NECK die for all 5 sizings you will now have to bump the shoulder back with a body or a FL die.
I have the redding body die for bumping the shoulder and also the "Collet Body die" for sizing just in front of the belt. You can get these from Innovative Technologies( I do use the Lee collet neck die as well.
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