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Mar 25, 2021
I am looking to buy a trijicon 3-18 x 44 ffp scope. I will only be using it for hunting. Has anyone had experience with one? Recommend purchasing or going a different direction? Thanks


Jun 14, 2021
I am looking to buy a trijicon 3-18 x 44 ffp scope. I will only be using it for hunting. Has anyone had experience with one? Recommend purchasing or going a different direction? Thanks
I’ve been looking at these, along with the credo HX, among others. Not a lot of info out there, the little bit I’ve heard has been good though. Didn’t seem like you got a lot of help here lol. If I get one I’ll report back.


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Apr 1, 2016
I will tell you what my extremely exhaustive research of the Trijicon Credo HX line of scopes has found.
And that isn't that much unfortunately.
I have searched YouTube and watched EVERY Credo HX review that the search produced.
I have done DOZENS and DOZENS of review searches of using web search engines and again not a great deal of reviews came back from people that are #1-established and credible optics experts and #2-were NOT done by people who make a living out of reviewing optics.
BUT the good news is over 95% of ALL information I did find clearly stated that the Trijicon Credo HX line of optics is a very good scope especially for their price point and not one review I read or video I watched said they would not highly recommend the scope to others to buy.

What my research showed me that was of the two most important of my requirements, durability and tracking, the Credo HX scopes were VERY durable and tracked VERY well at ranges of 1k yards and less.

FWIW (and bare in mind I at best I posses an average knowledge level when it comes to optics) I have been researching medium range scopes to buy on and off for over 2 years now and after looking at every last scope I could find in the sub $1200 price range and I mean every last one, I came to the conclusion based on MINE and MINE alone criteria that the Trijicon Credo HX scope in 2.5-15x42 best met all my requirement and still was within my budget.

My must or should haves were:
>MUST NOT be made in Communist China
>MUST have a simple unclutter reticle with sustentions for adjusting for wind drift and bullet drop
>MUST be SFP (yes I tried not 1 but 2 high $ high quality FFP scopes returned both)
>Prefer MOA/MOA reticle and turrets (much prefer MOA over MILs, but if the right deal would go Mils)
>No greater than a minimum 4x power preferably 2.5-3x
>At least a maximum of 12x preferably 15x prefer no greater than 18x
>MUST have a zero set target type elevation adjustment dial prefer exposed
> Prefer it to have locking or covered windage dial but not a must
>MUST BE adjustable for parallax in labeled incremental distances
>Prefer No larger a front objective than 50mm prefer 40-42mm
>Prefer it to be as lite as practical
>Manufacturer MUST have well established reputation and warranty
>MUST have sufficient adjustment to get to 1k yards. My thinking is I MUST get proficient at 800-1k before I even attempt shots on game out to 500-700
>MUST work equally well at shots on deer/elk at any distances from >50-700 yards in both low light heavy cover and maximum brightness conditions.

An even more absolutely bizarre beyond all possible measure is the fact I was just about to buy a Crimson Trace Hardline Pro in 4-16x50 I mean I was LITERALLY 1-3 seconds away from clicking on "BUY" when I thought, HHMMM better check the optics for sale sections at LRH, SH and SC ONE LAST TIME and low and behold I find the exact model of a new in box never mounted or used Trijicon Credo HX I wanted to buy at a price I could afford, but due to recent events could not afford the nearly $1k price tag if bought new. So needless to say I bought it and it's on its way to me.
I say BIZARRE because in the last 2+ years I NEVER once saw a traditional non LPV Trijicon rifle scope for sale in any used optic forum anywhere. Plenty of Trijicon ACOG's and red dots buy I do not ever recall seeing a Credo let alone a Credo HX or Accupoint unless it had a triangle post reticle.

When I get it I will give it a very through going over and take some time deciding what tests I will put it through besides a box test but I also have turret tracking test targets form Box to Bench I will try out as well.

I have a 20MOA one piece mount I plan on using along with a set of Vortex Pro Scope rings.
Gonna be a definite learning experience all around as I plan on bedding the scope base as well a lapping the scope rings.

Very very excited.
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