Trijicon HD Binocular Review


Mar 6, 2008
I am a gear junkie. In a perfect world I would make my living testing and evaluating guns, optics, and hunting gear, so when I got the chance to review the HD Binocular from Trijicon I jumped at the opportunity. Read More...
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I am in the market for a new set of binoculars. I was in a car accident, and as a result I now wear glasses. I had been using a set of Leupold BX-2 Acadias, which I found really nice despite being basically entry level, but the eye relief on them is too short to use with glasses. So far, the Viper HDs are the only 10x42s I have found with a long enough eye relief to use with glasses on, and I have found that trying to use binos without glasses gives me a real headache real fast. How does the eye relief on the Trijicon's compare? If it is comparable to the Viper HDs they would be worth a try. Thanks.
The Trijicon lists 0.5mm more eye relief than the 10x42 Viper HD. I didn't try either while wearing glasses but I'll try and consider that if I review any binoculars in the future.
Thanks for the great article, but I wish you would review binoculars with image stabilizers, like my Canon 10 x 30 IS. I didn't know stabilized binoculars existed until I read John Plaster's fine book, Ultimate Sniper. (Image stabilizers are now also found in some cameras and cell phones, too, like my iPhone 6S Plus.)

In binoculars, image stabilizers are battery-powered electronic devices that allow the user -- by pressing a button -- to use more magnification and still hold the image steady. So far my Canon battery life has been excellent, and I can use these 10xs easily where I would have trouble holding steady with 8xs. My wife has stopped using our good 7 x 50s because it's easier to use the stabilized 10xs.

I suggest you do another resolution test, including stabilized binoculars, with and WITHOUT the sand bags.

I will never buy another pair of non-stabilized binoculars.
Since my post I have bought a used Canon 18 x 50 IS. Works as expected. Now I can -- handheld -- see clearly .22 holes in targets at 100 yards. At $600 on eBay I could have used the money for a new pistol or rifle, but I'm very happy with my 18x 50s, and they extend my wife's bird-watching range form her 10xs.
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