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    Jul 19, 2010
    I was very disappointed when Looking at tri-pod stands. I went with the Biggame apex I think its called. It has the shooting rest that flips up, the360% chair and the 36'' plat from. Here's the problems I came across.

    1. The shooting rest is to low. If you need to hold steady for a 40 yrd shot thats great,but other wise your going to have to prop your arms up.

    2. The 36'' plat form only gives me about a 10'' ledge to stand on when in the chair. ( The chair is in the middle of the circular platform.

    3.The advertise you can bow hunt out of this with the flip up shooting rest. yeah if you have great balance and are comfortable with standing on a 10'' ledge. NOT A STAND FOR BOWHUNTERS!

    4. It took 2hrs to put together and is very heavy.

    5. They say that the powder coat is texured for grip,. Maybe the first time. The texured part you can scracth off with your finger nail.

    6. Although powder coated on the outside I already notice rust around welds of the mesh floor (that by the way dent in and creates pockets to trip in when your standing.) and on the inside of the tubing. The rating of this stand must be only good for the first day until the rust eats from the inside out. The question isn't if, but when its going to brake.

    7. Its another thing made in China by someone that problably thinks he is making a bed post or bicycle.

    8. These TMA guys have the right goal in mind and the meaning is good,, but I dont know what their certifing. I look around, talk to them. I never seen anything tested and to what digree. This stand was TMA tested and I really dont think its safe at all.

    9. this was Cabelas #1 selling stand when I got it.

    10. The concept is cool that it has this and that. It just doesn't do it real well or safe. IMO!:cool: