Trajectory Tables for Long Range Shooting


Jun 4, 2001
Trajectory Tables for Long Range Shooting

Here is a link to a ballistic web site for the long range shooters. Silhouette Ballistics is a very comprehensive exterior (bullet drop and windage) ballistic program and also an interior (muzzle velocity and chamber pressures) ballistic program. Exterior ballistic program adjusts the results for different environmental conditions. That is put in your sight setting, distance, and conditions your rifle was zeroed at; and the program will calculate the correct sight settings for a different environment condition. Sounds like something long range shooters could find helpful. Example’s on the web site.

Silhouette Ballistics

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I couldn`t seem to access the program itself or a demo from the link? I just kept getting sent back to the paragraph describing it when I clicked on any of the links?

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Thanks for the reply. Somehow I updated and uploaded the rifle silhouette shooting in Michigan index page to the wrong web site. Maybe it is time to put everything on site.

Try it again, you may have to click on [Refresh] your computer may have stored the other one.

Thanks again, Maybe that is why sales are so low.
Anyrange, I just hit the refresh and it worked then, thanks. Have to take a look at it after work tomarrow, my better half just got my attn. in her nice red teddy.
Gota go. Thanks again.
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