SOLD/EXPIRED "TRADED"-Prepped 22-250 brass

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    Dec 29, 2010
    I've searched and can't find any requirements as far as time/post count for posting in the Classified so here goes.

    I have some 1x fired 22-250 brass that I want to get rid of. I had originally been saving this for a Yote rifle but have since changed course. I have:

    Prepped, ready to load
    46 pcs-Frontier-brass
    2 pcs-Hornady-brass
    25 pcs-FC-brass
    1 pc-FC-nickel
    131 pcs-RP-brass
    60 pcs-Win-brass
    47 pcs-Win-brass-NEW
    33 pcs-Win-Nickel
    16 pcs-WW-brass
    1 pc-Norma-brass
    362 total prepped

    I also have 8 pcs of 1x tumbled only:
    5 pcs-Win-nickel
    3 pcs-RP-brass

    I would like to sell as 1 lot for $100.00 shipped USPS FRB. Minus shipping, that comes out to about $0.25 apiece for the prepped brass and I'll throw the unprepped in just in case.

    USPS MO only Please.

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    Jan 7, 2011
    Re: FS-Prepped 22-250 brass

    You still got the brass? If so pm me I am interested.