Top go-to powder for 30-06 with 168-172s

Yep as previously mentioned, 4064 is the historical go to powder, but I have had the best accuracy on 150, 165, 180 grain bullets using either IMR or H 4350. In my 24" 1952 Win Mdl 70 IMR4350 gives me 2,933 fps using a 165 gr Sierra GK at a Hodgdon maximum load. It has taken coyotes, antelope, deer, and hogs out to over 400 yards. Never needed to shoot further.
Good luck finding your "sweet load"!
I have no issue, have several 4kg jugs in RE19, RE22 and RE25. Bought up heaps the last shipment to Australia, heard on the rumour mill there would be a shortage, so took advantage, pity more RE33 didn't show up, oh well, got a 1lb bottle for my trouble.

Magnum, if you have not tried it, R#25, SD is very low with accuracy at the top end of the pressure curve with R#25 with Win Mag primers!

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