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Jan 17, 2009
• Mcree REM 700 SA folding Chassis- Asking $715 shipped
Here is a list of all that is included and the cost new: (Chassis $686 +stock pack $37+ Rifle Ghillie $35+ Mcree push button sling ends $27+ AI Mag $39+ shipping)
• Seekins Rem 700 SA 20 moa rail painted to match mcree stock.-$75 shipped
• Seekins 1” low rings-$90 shipped
• Seekins 30mm low rings- $90 shipped
• Foxpro Jack in the Box decoy-$75 shipped
• Wilson Case Length Trimmer, mounted on a aluminum base. Lite rust, been sitting. $35.00 shipped.
• Sinclair Hand Priming Tool, with punches for both large and small primers and #2 and #5 Lee Shell holders. (#2 .308 rim, #5 Mag rim) $90.00 shipped
• Triclawps -$79 shipped
• Leupold model 700 SA base with 1” rings (no screws to secure base, but they are readily available- $45 shipped
• Bushnell Elite 1500 ARC rangefinder $200
These items are listed on multiple sites, selling will be according to time stamps. As far as trades I am looking only for select items. I would take partial or whole trades for bipods (prefer atlas or harris), an eberlestock, AR500 gongs, a zeiss PRF, or bushnell fusion binocs, or a CZ rimfire.



Jun 24, 2010
Sent email and PM for this Thanks Rick in Pa.. Foxpro Jack in the Box decoy-$75 shipped

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