Tonight's simple meal


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Sep 26, 2020
Montana - Suburbia
Shrimps scampi - I buy the shrimps at a big chain market. The nice fish department lady cheerfully scoops out what I want & wraps the shrimps up. The shrimps are 25-30 per pound and are deveined but no heads but shells intact (chitinous membrane). I peel the shrimps, chop up 2-3 garlic cloves, put garlic into a 10-inch fry pan with Filippo Berio light olive oil and let the oil & garlic simmer for 10 minutes. I then add 1/8 pound of butter, then increase the heat to about 60 % then add the shrimps. The shrimps are cooked until pink/orange then 1/2 cup of a dry white wine is added, then allowed to simmer for 5 minutes. The shrimps take on the flavor of garlic & wine - tastes real good!

Beringer Chablis was used for cooking, 120 brand (Chile, $8-$9 per bottle) Chablis was served ice cold in peasant style (plain folk) heavy 6 oz glasses.

Served with rice & salad containing plum tomatoes, asparagus, & lettuce with dressing made with Filippo Berio virgin olive oil, wine vinegar, Guldens spicy mustard, garlic, fresh ground black pepper & small amount of Kosher salt (like pure).

A relative was chef at a 4-star restaurant/hotel in Boston & showed me how to cook the shrimps this way.

The shrimps elicit memories of fishing in Alaska. The sonar showed a heavy inverted V shaped trace about 10 meters deep (foreign made with meters vs feet). I dropped a Hopkins jig with a red rubber worm threaded thru a 2/0 hook down into the mass below. The Hopkins stopped about 20 feet down & I reeled in a rock fish. The rock fish was stuffed with mostly live shrimps. Shaking the rock fish made more live shrimps come out. A huge school of rockfishes were eating shrimps, 5 people caught about 50 rock fishes & had about 2 gallons of live fresh shrimps. I smoked my share of the rock fishes using alder chips & bottled water, kosher salt - sugar brine.

Our family people (type) have lived into their nineties eating stuff like this,
I do a similar recipe but I reduce the white wine before the shrimp gets added and cooked to minimum temp. Plus I toss a dash of non reduced whine on top for flavor. Probably make your chef friend roll his eyes. Why cook the shrimp prior to the reducing? Curious what you/he has to say about that.