Timney AR Trigger Group Buy at NOS


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Jun 10, 2010
For all of you AR15 coyote hunters: No Off Season is doing a Group Buy on Timney AR15 Competition triggers ( Timney Competition AR15 Trigger) for LRH members. Retail price is $209.95 but, now through January 15th, No Off Season will be taking Group Buy orders for $174.95 shipped! Plus all those who purchase triggers will be included in a drawing for a NOS Pod-lock for Harris/Caldwell swivel bipods a $12.95 value. Orders will be recieved only until January 15th. Timney anticipates shipping approximately three weeks after the sale ends. Use Coupon Code TIMNEY. You may choose either small pin or large pin (for early Colt's) and either 3 or 4# trigger pull. Put your screen name and "LRH" in the comments to be entered into the drawing. Good luck!