time for new scope, need your advice


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Nov 8, 2004
First off i want to say hello , just joined site. I have a model 70 7mm WSM and i am having a huge problem with the scope im using now. The recoil is hard so it is a %@#$ to keep it sited in. Im using a BSA right now so i know that is one of my problems. But im looking for a scope that can withstand the recoil so i dont have to worry about resiting it all the time. The shots i take are not very far prolly max of 600 yds, and i would be using it for deer hunting. Im looking at a price range of probably around $250-$300. any advice would be great.

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I have two suggestions - save up a little more money and buy a better scope than what you are budgeting for - look at Nikon Monarchs, Bushnell 4200's and mid-priced Leupolds. You will not regret purchasing a better quality scope, it will last forever and will give you much better service.


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Ian, you mentioned the 4200's, I would also mention the 3200's in a 5-15, it is a little less expensive than the 4200's and I have had great luck with mine on a 7 mag. I would have to agree with the comment on saving up and buying good optics, your gun is only as good as the scope.
take a look at the burris fullfield 2 its a great mid class scope i have 2 they work great the bplx is great when you take the time to practice with it

Did you happen to go on a hunt down in Reagan County a couple of weeks ago?

You sound just like a guy I hunted with.

I love Leupold's and have them on all of my rifles, but I'm about to "test-drive" a Sightron.

Yea i went to the Rocker B with Danny Brock, had a great hunt. Thanks for the advice guys ill have to check them out.
ebay is another place to sometimes find a good deal in a new or used scope. I would suggest a good quality used over a cheap new scope. That said I have pounded the daylights out of four different IOR scopes on a .300 Jarrett, and they have held up quite nicely.
I'd recommend the Weaver Grand Slam. A 3-10x40 will cost you around $240. That is what I have on my .270 WSM. I used to be a Leupold only guy, but I now have 3 Grand Slams and love each one of them. They are extremely good for the money.
Small world! I had fun bouncing around in that high rack.

Save a little money whenever you can and get you a good, used Leupold. You won't regret it and they have a great warranty (lifetime). I'm about to get a Vari-X III 4.5-14x50 for coyotes and cats.

Take it easy and we'll talk to you soon,


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Yea the high rack was pretty crazy lol, well thanks for advice and good luck with your new scope.
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