Time for a different barrel wby 30-378


Jul 28, 2013
Would like to add new barrel on my 30-378. Torn between a Lilja and Krieger anybody have any suggestions about the 2 choices.
The smith I use is currently leaning towards Krieger. The couple we've had have been great, I expect the one in the pipeline to be good also. I would expect Lilja to be good also. Quite a few good barrel companies out there, installed correctly they're great. Get someone you know can do the work, and consider what they recommend.
If your rifle is a Weatherby Accumark, it came with a Krieger (cut rifled) from the factory. If it's a Mark V it came with a Criterion (button-rifled).

Krieger makes excellent barrels, so does Dan Lilja.

Talking with my smith today, he was telling me about some customers he has had that he put cheap Douglas barrels on that the customers say are shooting lights out, and winning, or placing top 3 in 1K comps. He also said that, not to be bragging and in his opinion, a gun will only shoot as good as the skills of the smith who built it. That over the last 60 years he's installed everything from the highest quality to the lowest quality, and that he's seen cheap barrels win tournaments, and good ones lose. So, basically he was saying it's 50% the smith, 40% shooter, and 10% parts.
Would like to add new barrel on my 30-378. Torn between a Lilja and Krieger anybody have any suggestions about the 2 choices.

Since this is the LongRangeHunting site, before replacing the barrel with another 30-378 chamber I'd suggest comparing the ballistics of the 300 and 338 Norma Magnum cartridges shooting modern low drag bullets.
Love this web site the information you guys lay out there is usually right on the pig sticker. Thanks for the help I will mull all that over
.30-378 is one of my favorites, if I had one, I probably would stick to that caliber, especially if you already have all the stuff for reloading it.
might I throw in a suggestion... try a mullerworks barrel. I have one going on one of our big 30s and they flat out shoot. plus its like a 4 week wait.. :D
I found a .30-378 in Alpine WYO couple weeks ago at a little sporting goods store. $1200 came with 2 boxes of ammo had new barrel on it. Stock had some wear on I from being in a scabbard. Very nice and very tempting.
Can't go wrong with a Lilja. I have one on my 264 Win mag and it has shot ragged one hole groups since day one. Love their barrels.
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