Tikka T3X Lite 6.5 Creedmoor


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Jul 17, 2016
South Texas
Tikka T3X Lite 6.5 CM
24.3" Barrel
24 total rounds fired
Mountain Tactical Bottom METAL (not plastic, $142.00 upgrade)
Yo Dave Trigger Spring (Trigger about 1.75 lb. currently, will adjust lower)

Bought this rifle for my wife last year...she never shot it once. I installed upgraded mountain tactical bottom metal (not plastic) and gave it a Manner's style paint job. The paint job was done with Krylon but I took my time prepping stock and clear coating with matte and it should be pretty durable. You can always touch it up or take it off. I put 24 rounds down the barrel for break in and sight in. Used a hand load from one of my other creedmoors with 143 eld x and it shot about .65" slow fired thee shot groups (thin barrel heats up fast). No load development on this one. I have a set of 1" talley lightweights on it holding an a older but good Leupold VX1 4-12 with duplex reticle that I painted flat black (was a shiny gloss black). Neat lightweight rifle, I just have no use for it and don't think my wife is gonna use it much.

725.00 shipped to your FFL for the rifle and installed upgraded bottom metal. FFL must accept shipment from an individual.
For an extra 125.00 Ill leave the scope, rings and butler creek caps on it.

Think I've covered it all, thanks for looking.
Dusty Crowe
Carrizo Springs, TX


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