Tikka T3x ctr 6.5 creedmoor+ swfa 10x42

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Tikka T3x ctr in 6.5 creed with 20” barrel, 80 rounds fired
New just mounted swfa 10x42, swfa low rings and bubble level (that I haven’t fully balanced as I haven’t plumbed and zeroed this scope yet)

rifle shoots fantastic, because of that I was really wishy washy on selling but I need to put the money into other more important stuff right now. I had no problem stacking 5 rounds into the face on an ipsc target at 550 with hornady factory match

this rifle does have a few modifications:
  1. Area 419 20moa picatinny rail
  2. The magazine spring has been bent for better feeding, a common mod you can look up
  3. The magazine mag catch slot has been bent to remove wobble after locking in, another common mod
  4. The stock has been sanded to completely free float the barrel, again common
  5. The rear cheek pad has been raised by placing foam under it and then re installing and because of this I had to file the front of the cheek pad to clearance for the rearward travel of the bolt.

I will update later with pictures, pm me for some I have with other scopes mounted today if you like.

can include 80 pieces fired 1x hornady brass

1000$ + shipping. I think this price is very fair so I’m firm right now. Local pickup Raleigh NC

750$ plus shipping for just the rifle

If interested, I have some Berger 130s and I have a set of hornady match dies with micrometer stem I would also sell, but only to the buyer of the rifle.

edit* some photos with an older scope that is not a part of this sale, but to give you a look at the rifle.1268BA98-72DE-4DA6-AC54-F5BEAD374086.jpeg79627F77-A4B6-4EE7-9CF3-0B2C103B92BC.jpegAA8B8F57-4731-436A-8559-8EC8AEA25669.jpegE6E0340A-5FDB-44A1-A805-E273F7EF083F.jpegB4B73599-8A87-4F87-A2FF-89CE7D459A64.jpeg76352299-321F-4B7A-A4A2-AE0740B2569D.jpegB296F485-29A9-4B7B-96D8-E1C88DADC246.jpeg11F02A91-00A2-4EC9-B533-D9B063656398.jpegE9EA3476-87CE-48CD-95B9-DBE858527809.jpegC3F19F50-B56E-4D03-A10E-49FF61876E0A.jpeg
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