tikka t3 trigger adjustment

I am interested in the same information. PM me if you find something.
I may pick up the screw driver this weekend if I can't find something on the web. The manual I have is less than helpful.

I picked up the screw driver yesterday. First I removed the magazine and bolt. Lacking a torque driver and what the proper settings are I placed masking tape on the stock, adjacent to the two screws on the bottom of the action, and marked the line of the screw groove. Then I counted revolutions as I removed the screws (5).
The trigger guard came out as a single unit to reveal an allen head screw that appeared to have red loc-tite dabbed on it. I rotated the screw out until it almost touched the bracket in front of it. Then I reattached the trigger guard. Simple as can be.

FYI...If you separate the action from the stock, Beretta stipulated to me that the reassembly torque on the two action screws is 51 - 53 inch lbs. I wouldn't 'eye-ball' them. I don't know what the torque recommendation on the trigger set is, though.
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