Tikka T3 lite, should I put anything onto it?


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Sep 27, 2009
I have a Tikka T3 lite in 300 wsm. I would like to be qble to shoot out to 500 or so on mule deer. It shoots .75 at hundred now using a barnes tsx in 168 gr. over 67.5 of RL22. I hate the stock and would like to improve the accuracy. I had wanted to build a new rifle this year in a 7 Rem mag or 6.5-06 but money makes it wait till next year. So the questions is should I shoot this as is, is it worth sinking any money into a new stock? Or I guess is the action worth building off of. I would prefer to do it off a remington but I got what I got. So tikka worth a new stock and barrel or build of something else.
I have a Tikka T3 Lite and it's quickly becoming my favorite rifle. My very first trip to the range it shot a 5/8" group with factory ammo. I think they are the best bang for the buck out there for a hunting rifle.
I also have a t3 300wsm and am really impressed w/ it. I free floated the barrel and had the chamber glass laid, installed a recoil pad and am happy w/ the results.

I do think the action is buildable... just a little less popular than a remmy. stocks are few and far between for the Tikka's.
You have an excellent 600 yard rifle. Why do you want to change it? I have one just like it and love it. I shoot the 150 grain E-tips, .469bc, at 3400 fps and it is deadly on deer to your range. .75" at 100 yards is goos but doesn't say anything about how it may perform downrange. I never shoot that close. If you want a 500 yard rifle then shoot it at 500 yards or at least 400. You can't tell anything about a rifle at 100 yards. You may shoot just as good a groups at 300 as 100. Give the bullet flight enough distance to settle in and see what it will do. What you have is as good as the ones you listed so I would not change it.
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