SOLD/EXPIRED Tikka T3 Hunter 270wsm like new.


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Aug 2, 2011
I traded for this gun and realize its a duplicate gun so its on the block. I was told this gun was shot 7 times and it looks to be the truth, i also have a box of ammo with 13 unfired and 7 fired in it. It has a safe bump on the right side of the rear stock that can be seen in the photo. I have not fired this gun but i did check the trigger pull and it breaks like glass at 2.4 lbs. Comes with a set of tikka rings and a tikka box ( not original box ). I can shoot the gun if someone wants me to and if its a local deal they can have the rest of the box of ammo with the gun. I am asking $565 shipped to your local ffl where legal or $565 ftf and you can have the remaining 13 pieces of live ammo and 7 pieces of brass.




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