Tikka puts another 1 down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Nov 30, 2010
    Went out to a ranch that I only visit about every 2-3 months because the rancher dont want me bringin Sam cause it distracts his herd dogs.
    So I left Sam sulking at the door this morning.......
    I got set up just after 1st light, I have a few new Fox Pro sounds I have been wanting to try so today was it.
    Started with Female invitation then lonesome howl. After a few of these I played my newly purchased Raccoon pup distress and it was only 3-4 mins later this young female came into view just a galloping in to the decoy.
    She pulled up about 80 yds out and I was trying to video it on my own on my digital camera and had the camera to far to my right, It was hard trying to find the coyote on the screen and keep her in the scope at the same time and well I kept her in the scope and not in the camera.
    I laid her out with a 75 gr vmax from my Tikka.
    Went back to raccoon dis. then pup distress nothing showed so I packed up. If I coulda taken just a few seconds longer the shot would have been in the video but its still a good video to watch cause even with this big azz hole in its chest it got up and ran a few.
    Once I get it uploaded to my youtube I'll post it.....Its my 1st video by myself unfortunetly I only have a digital camera to film with right now so its not great but still an ok video.
    Here's the picture of her.