Tikka CTR Stock / Chassis Recommendations


Oct 1, 2013
Looking to replace the stock on my Tikka CTR (.308). Would like to hear the recommendations from the forum members who have CTR’s and have swapped out the factory stock for something different. Not sure if I want to go with a more conventional stock such as a Manners or equivalent brand or get into a chassis system such as an MDT / XLR / KRG......
Mdt ess and krg bravo are both really nice. Quality goes to mdt, but krg is functional and fits very well
If you like the Sako TRG mag style (I do) KRG Bravo and most other chassis require a change to AICS mags. Manners makes stocks that use the original Tikka CTR bottom metal but they’re expensive and backlogged. I invested in upgrading the factory CTR stock check riser instead, and I am happy with the ergonomics and stiffness and weight.
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