Tikka CTR magazine


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Jan 21, 2018
SE Mich
Anyone modify or swap out the short action magazine to a longer one?

Looking to swap from a 260rem to a Sherman cartridge and need a bit more length. Understand I'd have to change the bolt stop possibly.
There is only one magazine size for the CTR and your COAL will be limited by that (~2.95). Some guys have also fit AICS style mags into the CTR bottom metal but you are still inhibited by the COAL. So if you are running the shorter Shermans you will be ok with that.

Depending on which Sherman cartridge you want to run you will need a 'long action' bolt stop (or modify your current) and you will need to change your bottom metal from a CTR to the T3/T3X factory style(requiring a new stock) which with HCA mags you can run out to 3.38".

or go to RedSnake Tactical and run his Long Action AICS bottom metal which will get you to 3.5"

or go to Mountain Tactical and they have a serious modification system that gets even longer than 3.5"-- but it requires some permanent modifications to the feed ramp I believe.
Talked to a guy at RedSnake Tactical and he said I could install the long action bottom metal in the CTR stock but it will have a gap on the sides is all, since the non-CTR bottom is slightly thinner than the CTR one.
Debating between a 6.5SS/Max or maybe go to a 300 Max (needing more info on this one) or the 25SST. :D I think I'm close on deciding..... hahahaha

See what i can find for barrel deals.
All great choices-- keep in mind those are all based off a magnum bolt face which means you'll need a bolt swap (not cheap on Tikkas) or find a different donor rifle with a mag bolt face.

I think Rockwall Raider on here has built a couple 25sst on Tikkas as well.
West Desert Shooter has built a 7SAUM and made his action long with new bolt stop and then used a longer magazine but his was the Tikka T3 I believe. He has vidio on You Tube . KRG Bravo Make a stock that specifically uses CTR magazines.
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