Tikka bedding?

Kiwi Nate

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May 18, 2007
Taranaki New Zealand
Hi guys, I need to do some brainstorming with you. I am going to bed a Tikka Laminate/ stainless .30-06 in the morning (Friday afternoon if you are in the states) for a client. I have bedded Tikka's in the past but the recoil lug block in the stock always has me thinking about how much relief is necessary and where to set the relief- what is the best method. I have seen a couple of rifles that shoot ok with full contact on the ali block as is- no bedding. What I want to know is if anybody has played around with the fit or relief and the results thereof.

If I recall, on the last Tikka I bedded, I masked the action in such a way that the top of the ali block and back face weren't touching the action after bedding. Its such a small block that I don't know if it would ever get hung up/ suffer pinching/vibrational problems anyway.

Thanks, Nathan.
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