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Jan 21, 2007
I have been playing with a tikka t3 light 25-06 toped with a Nikon Monarch 5.5-16. I used 100 and 115 balistic tips, 100 sierra game kings, 117 hornady bullits. For Powders mainly IMR 4831 and 4350. I broke in the barrel cleaning in between the first 12 shots and then every 3 shots for another 12 using some 75 g. hornadys I had and it was puting them all in a group around 3/4 inch. I thought I had a good shooting rifle but after the the break in was done I started trying to find a load with 100 to 117 grain bullits and the gun is driving me nuts. Iv'e been using wipe out to keep the barrel clean but it won't do any better than 1 1/2 to 2 inch groups. I pulled the stock and sanded out the forearm to make shure the barrel is free floating. I have pillar bedded remm. and win. actions myself with good results. I'm not quite shure how to bed these tikka lites. the action seems to fit the stock quite well. The plastic stock seems to be a harder material and better quality than the cheap synthetics on most guns nowdays. I have had a savage and a remington 25-06 in the past and they all have been fussy to get to group under an inch. I love the 25-06 cartridge but I'm about ready to give up and try a 7mm-08 or a 260. Thanks for any tips anyone has.
Hello, the 25-06 is one of my favorites and I have a Tikka t3 varmint in 22-250 rem. I understand your frustration, but I would'nt give up yet. Have you tried using a different primer? Perhaps a large rifle magnum primer, or a benchrest primer shot with brass of the same lot. I have always had good luck with IMR-4350, out of both of my barrels. My last barrel shot the 75 v-max the best, second best was the Sierra Matchking. Right now I use good ol' Sierra Pro-hunters for deer which is a flat base bullet. Those bullets you mentioned should be great. Maybe you could try a Hodgon powder such as H-4350, theres lots of different component combinations out there you just might get one to work with some workin.
I think it is a shame that the Tikka 25-06 has a 22" tube.
Some say it doesn't matter, but it does to me. I like the Savage 26" & I have the older Sendero. 24" would work like the Rem. BDL & others, but I don't get the 22". Many Tikkas' shoot well, but I wish they had a big recoil lug.
I just did some shooting this evening, no wind perfect conditions. I started out with 52.2 grains IMR 4350, 100 grain Nosler BT. Clean bore and 5 shots about 1 inch. I started moving the powder charge up 1/2 grain and then back down 1/2 grain and the groups instantly opened up 1 1/2 to 2". So after 14 shots of different loads I ran a couple of patches of Shooters Choice copper remover,followed by 5 dry patches, I didn't want to wait for the Wipe Out. I then shot 3 rounds of my first load of 52.2 grains into a .75 group. I have run about 120 rounds through this gun with a variety of loads through it and it seems to foul after 5 shots or so. So I have figured out how to get this thing to group ok but it sucks the barrel fouls so quickly. Maybe It will shape up after another 100 rounds or so. I wasn't expecting a 1/2 moa from a sporter weight rifle. I do believe any factory sporter should put 3 shots .75 to 1.00
with good reloads or there is something wrong with it.
I do agree they should have atleast a 24" tube. I have varmint weight barrels for prarie dogs but I was looking for a deer/coyote rifle to carry. The Tikka has a great trigger, that was the main reason I bought it. I would rather have a floor plate magazine instead of the clip. Just something else to lose.
snow67, if youre not using WLR primers I would highly recommend you try them they have made a world of difference in my 25-06. My 100 gr load loves R22,115 gr load w/R25 and 120 gr load retumbo they all shoot around 1/4" @100 yds and stays sub-moa out to 500. Hope that helps you out. The 100 and 115 gr loads are NBT's and the 120 is a sierra gameking.

I believe Rem. 25 06,Mike/tx and Tim/tx have done ALOT of load development as well with this caliber and have alot of great advice. If you do a search some load info was discussed not too long ago but I cant remember what topic it was under. probably this one though goodluck with your tikka hope you get it figured out.

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