Throat Problem

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    Apr 21, 2008

    I have a 264 Win Mag and do my own reloading. I recently saw a video by ammo smith on how to make your won AOL gauge.

    The method described was to insert a bullet a fraction into a case and then push the case and bullet into the chamber. The lands will then exert pressure on the bullet and push in back into the case. Extract the bullet and measure the full length to determine where your lands are and calculate accordingly your seating depth.

    I did the above with a Sierra GK bullet which is quite long. The bullet did not even tough the rifling. I preceded to color in the whole bullet with a sharping to see of the bullet even touches the lands, but still nothing. [​IMG]

    Any inputs on what is wrong will be appreciated and a remedy.

    Do I need to look inot re-barreling the gun.?

    Brass is not readily available in South Africa so what other calibers will work on the magnum action. The rifle is an original SAKO Finnbear.
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    Does your rifle still shoot well?? If yes then shoot it and don't worry so much about the throat length.

    What does your throat look like when you look down the barrel into mild light with the bolt out?? If it is hazed and shallow / gone for any signifacant portion you may be in for a new barrel.