Those Videos...Gentlemen Heaton and Cassel?

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    Dec 11, 2002
    Are those long range videos still available? In a digital format,maybe? DVD,AVI,whatever. Maybe even downloadable? [​IMG]

    I sure would enjoy seeing some of those videos after spending some quality time lurking around all these boards,man!

    This long range hunting really drives folks nuts in some forums... I kinda enjoy reading all those flames that people throw at you guys. Still you´re all cool,you do not flame back. You share experience instead,often misunderstood. [​IMG]

    Hats off,I do the same here at home all the time,listen to what is "right" or "wrong" or "too long" or "do you really use own reloads"... I use completely different methods than average local hunters here, still we respect each other. We hunt together,it´s teamwork after all. We learn from each other. No flames,not even when things go wrong.

    Mouth calls, 45-70 Marlin, "sniping"... yes,I don´t mind it called sniping. Anyone can call it whatever he wants. I can wait for the moose or deer to come all day long,laying behind the bipod. And I love it. [​IMG]

    All the above is not common here at all.
    I have quite a lot to learn and have very clear plans of what I´m gonna do. Got the time now, money has momentarily gone in guns...again. [​IMG]

    Practise a bit longer range seriously yard by yard,that is,build a proper upper part for a tripod. .243, 30-06 and 338 Lapua.
    Sako and Tikka,obviously.

    Our hunting methods vary quite a lot here but we have this term "field moose" which is considered long range here. Well known places,I happen to live in the middle of our hunting area and being a dog trainer/guide I know local moose quite well. 365 days a year I mostly know where they are. If not,someone else of our group knows.It`s a lifestyle.

    I do not anybody else around here who goes to the range with a laptop. Many hunters do not practise,neither learn their ammo. [​IMG] Instead,I am the weirdo who goes shooting for example today,heavy rain. Just on my way,we have a private place near here.

    Did I make my motives clear? Oh,I will start extensive testing about Scenar´s terminating behaviour at impact just to post reports on some forums for fun. [​IMG]

    After all,MatchKings brought me here. And I have seen you guys in some hilarious discussions,reading posts from past couple of years lately.

    Dang,what was the topic... yup,are those videos available somewhere?

    Hey by the way,my name has got nothing to do with PETA,I even complained there and they banned me. [​IMG] Hmm... I suggested they change it to PITA,may have something to do with it.

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    Contact 338-378.

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