This Weekend hunting


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Feb 6, 2008
New Castle, PA
Well I got to do a little ground hog hunting this weekend with one of my buddies. I found out how crappy my range finder is too. My friend has gone out a couple times with me now. This weekend I hooked' him good though. He got his first long range kill in. I gave him a quick and dirty on setting himself up for the shot and that's about it. I dialed for him. He shot one at 525yds. He was grinnen' from ear to ear, and so was I. That was the longest kill for the weekend. We got a couple more between that and 408 yds. We missed a bunch out around 900- 1200 yds. We tried "walking the shot through the barn door" but that didn't work too good. My range finder wouldn't give us a range on the hogs so I ranged what I could and guessed. At that distance this method is useless. We also took a few shots at my steel target out around 900-1000 . We were having a heck of a time with the wind it was very humbling. Here's a couple pics of my buddy and the spot we were hunting.



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