This time I searched, Berger 180/230 question.

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  1. Good

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    Jul 15, 2009
    Anyone have any information on if Berger is planning on releasing the 180g 7mm Hybrid bullet and the 230g 30 cal bullet in a hunting model? Getting ready to do some load workup and I'm trying to decide which bullets I want to start with.

  2. Eric Stecker

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    Jul 27, 2007

    We are in the process of testing the Hybrid design as a hunting bullet. Initial results are good but we want to be certain so the testing continues. I can't make any gaurantees on availability at this point but we are working on making these bullets available as soon as they are conclusively proven.

    If the Hybrid design works well for hunting this will be an excellent option since they are less sensitive to seating depth. Many target shooters using the Hybrid bullets have reported excellent accuracy performance at both a jam and a jump in the same rifle.

    The key however is how they work on game in a wide range of situations. We will make sure that they are truly effective on game before they are made available. Just like we did with the VLDs.