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    May 3, 2001
    Recently received some new bore and rifle maintenance products from the folks at Sinclair International - they flat-out stated that this stuff was the best they have used to date. Now that is a HIGH RECOMMENDATION. Bore solvent, oil and a lug lube from a company called TMS.

    Am using the new bore cleaner and I believe I am going to make the switch from my beloved Shooter's Choice products.

    New product called "TM solution" and I got to say it is impressive. Big thing it does its thing quickly, much more so than any other of the dozen or so solvents I have on hand. Have a couple of barrels that I thought were clean - got some bright blue out wth the TM on the second patch. No ammonia stink, not petroleum based, no idea what in hell is in it but it works.

    4 oz. $6.65
    16 oz $19.95
    Contact SINCLAIR INTERNATIONAL. 260 493-1858

    Sincerely suggest you guys consider trying it:

    Product info is available from:
    The TM Solution
    6355 Malpecrest Road
    Fort Wayne, Indiana 46835
    Fellow's name is Tom Meredith, 260 485-5389

    email [email protected]

    I am skitzoid about what I put in my barrels, I trust the folks at Sinclair tho. This stuff works better than what I was using - so [​IMG]