This forum is funny because...


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Apr 26, 2015
I have a Winchester Model 70 .270wsm. Haven't shot it much. Everybody says it isn't the right gun for long range hunting. Then some manufactures started making better bullets for this caliber. Then people started saying this would be a great gun to see what kind of potential this caliber has. Then I bought some Matrix 165gr pills. Now I'm looking at a Sendero barrel, Stiller actions, Timney triggers, McMillan stocks, etc, just because if I don't, I will not stop thinking about it, and not get anything else done.
I realize that this is not normal, and I probably could use some help, but all of my other guns are finished and my wife says that if I don't have a project going on, I'm worse than a sober drunk. Funny how that works...........
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