THIS App Will Rock the hunting world!

Long boy

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Nov 29, 2019
This hunting app is sweeping through the finger lakes in NY. I Hunt U book ur tree stand or ur goose field are fishing ponds on private land By the day think the Airbnb of hunting.I think this is awesome looks like they are adding private property daily
We have a co-op thing going on between the land owners & Game Commission here in PA.
Properties are listed on the Game Commission website.

I've stopped and inquired at maybe 10 different places the other year looking to get off of strictly public land.

Most of the land owners seemed genuinely surprised that someone actually stopped to ask.

Then it started.
Uncle Bob hunts in this area, he's after a certain buck, so if you see it don't shoot it.
Cousin Jimmy hunts that area..
Are their ratings for the quality of property, animals, number of hunters per day or who have booked so far and their success rates?

Seems like a great idea but I'd be a little worried of over hunting or people putting up blinds in crappy areas and just renting them out every day creating hunting pressure that might spook whatever your hunting.
I don’t know the answer to most of the questions . But I have used the app to hunt one of the locations and seen plenty Of action but I am sure every location is different my next hunt might be shed hunting a nice location just popped up for that😁 there are lots of us folks out there with no great place to hunt and can’t justify Leasing land for the amount of times we hunt . But for my self this app is what it’s all about and more sites are getting added all the time
Please let us know how you experiences go. I'm in NY as well. New job and house have kept me busy last couple of years and lost my hunting spot. This app may be useful for my situation.
What kind of fees are charged? Flat rates for use of the app? Individual fees for each area? Places to leave feedback ? First come first served? Or if you've booked an area before do you get some sort of preference?

I'd imagine that the "good" places will get booked fast and prices might get stupid for "premium" hunting grounds. Kinda like the ridiculous preference points needed for "premium game units" here in CO.

If that's how it ends up, it's just going to be a "rich man's app"
The app is free 😁 and looks to me like each land owner sets his own price. Heard from a friend who told a friend sort of thing that more up dates are on the way soon for this app it’s still getting major development. u need to check it out don’t cost a thing to look and dream . And they must be really pushing it sites are getting added regularly