Thinking about the big 50, can I get some advice?


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May 12, 2005
Missoula, MT USA
So I am going to an auction this week, there are a couple of things there that I am thinking about bidding on, one of them is this:

They're calling it a McMillan .50. It's got a NF NSX 5.5-22X56 on it. I don't know if McMillan made it, or it's just sitting in a McMillan stock. It will probably creep out of my price range, but for starters- what do ya'll think it's worth? I don't have a round count, I haven't even seen it yet.

What should I look for when I inspect it?

I mostly want the scope, if I were to take the scope off of it, what would I expect to get for the gun here in the classifieds?

Can I reload .50 with a Rockchucker Supreme? Other than dies, and a whole lot of powder, will I need anything special to reload?
Do they let you shoot one of these at a regular rifle range?

I have been to a lot of auctions and this one draws a crowd. Hard to say if that crowd will know what something like this is worth or if anyone will want it. Most likely there will be some pawn shop/gun trader types there, so chances are good that I won't be the only one with my eye on it. Would like to hear any thoughts on the matter. I will post up how much it sells for later in the week. Thanks.
11 years ago I was dealing with McBros (McMillian Brothers) on a Tac 50 (yes they built them) then to the tune of $5800.00, I decided against it due to 35 rounds to the pound and the cost of primers and bullets.
Yes you can load them on a Rockchucker, the big insert in the top of the press screws out and the dies screw in.
The rest, I couldn't tell ya
Well, it sold for $4600 + 10% buyers fee, so 5K. I dropped out when I realized that I wasn't going to steal it. It was a shooters dream auction, thousands of bullets, huge boxes of primers, dies, tons of reloading stuff. There were some awesome deals and I wish I had looked over some of the stuff better because when that auctioneer is like "10 boxes of 30 caliber bullets" and you can only see the brand from a distance it's kind of tough, but you could get 10 boxes for about $80. 7 boxes of loaded big rifle ammo for about $50. 50 BMG reloading press with dies for $90- dude beat me out on that one. They probably auctioned off 200lbs of various powder.
you could build a nicer looking 50 for 5k action 2300$ barrel 1000$ odds and in $$$ .so what did you buy?
so what did you buy?

Nothing. All the guns sold for more than I thought they were worth, except maybe a .22 Colt Woodsman that went for $400, I wasn't sure if it was a collector gun or not. A S&W mod. 29-2 Nickel went for $600, I would have paid $550 for it because it had cylinder marks on it and a 6" barrel. I was surprised how many people were bidding on opened jars of powder, hand loaded home made ammunition and other things that were obvious liability concerns. There were a bunch of other reloading things still to go when I left after not getting the big prize. Oh well.
if you pass on a semi-good deal then a real good deal is around the corner .It probably be another year before i buy anything in the gun category.I love atv's and looking at getting one to ride around and the price of it want leave room for any gun buying
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