Thermal scope options?

Nvision Halo LR if the budget allows it or Super Hogster or Super Yoter from Bering Optics are good for the money.
Also call and talk to a human for the best price on whatever scope you decide on.
Another great thermal resource if you are still shopping vendors is Myron Morrow at Night Vision Outfitters. He's been hunting thermal/NV for ~ 15 years and my crew and I have bought scary amounts of $$ from him. Especially great relationships with the manufacturers if there is ever a need for warranty work/contacts etc.
This. Myron is really helpful. I've bought a few from him too.
There seems to be thermal scopes growing on trees these days but I'm not sure what is actually worthwhile and what's not.

Any recommendations for decent thermal scopes? Looking to take coyote sized game out to 200 yards with my sauer 100 in .223.
The big thing that it comes down to is budget in thermals. That said, Nvision, Infiray, and pulsar have been good to me or the guys I know. For budget stuff, I would lean towards infiray, even though all I have owned is pulsar, because they have a 5 year warranty. Pulsar only has 3 year warranty. And they have a little better image quality. My pulsars were all good to me though. Nvision is better yet, but I would rather have 2 pulsar or infiray thermals than one nvision for the same cost.
I'd plan on buying a handheld scanner too. I'd rather have a 384 scope and scanner than just a 640 scope by itself.

I had a AGM rattler 35-384 and think it's good to shoot out to 225 or so. I have the 50mm 640 rattler now. The only negative on those is the battery life, but I just use a small anker battery. The adders from AGM would be a good choice or the bolts from iray.

I'm using the AGM taipan 19 for my scanner. It's pretty small and has good battery life. I think it's the best bang for the buck handheld. I'm looking to upgrade my scanner next to a 640 unit with around 2x magnification. Probably will be the AGM sidewinder or the pulsar axion.
Talk with the guys at Ultimate Night Vision. They know their stuff and have a rental program that allows you to try different items out. I also believe if you buy one of the ones that you rent, they credit you the rental cost against what you purchase.
Pretty impressed with new Sightmark wrath thermal mini particularly price point and options.

I typically run high dollar thermals but would have no qualms using these. Only thing I’d swap out is the mount.
I've use the Trijicon IR Hunter. Recently, I switched to the iRay RICO ALPHA. I much prefer the iRay for its intuitive controls and very hunter friendly interface. Both are spendy. With high quality thermal optics you can identify your target more reliably, especially if the ranges start to stretch some.

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