The Trip- Part 1


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Jun 12, 2001
Potomac River
I left home the day after Labor Day in a pouring rain headed west. In the truck was $200 of Ramen noodles, spam, powdered Gatorade, a case of beer, bottle o Southern Comfort, 600 rounds of bullets two rifles and a shotgun and fishing gear. Day one got me into Ohio and Day two go me into Iowa and day three I finally entered the promised land of Wyoming and pulled into a State park there in the Black Hills and pitched my tent next to the lake. There were antelope wandering around tame enough to get within 50 yards, bald eagles, white pelicans, seagulls, ospreys, kingfishers, mule deer, turkeys, geese and one stupid cottontail that tried to hide behind my truck tire. I do not believe I have ever seen so many different animals in one evening and morning. I was sorry to leave but had to get to Gillette to scout for antelope. There seemed to be two species of antelope that lived around there, private land tame antelope and public land spooky antelope. I decided to head over into the Big Horn River basin which was more the type of country I was familiar with in past years. There I played tag with a cottontail at 560 yds with the 17 Rem and gave him several dust baths but never drew blood. The barrel got so hot I finally had to quit. There were plenty of rabbits at 50 & 100 yds but that was not what I was after. The next day I got into a hide and seek contest with a prairie dog at 800 + yds with the 240 Wby and three times I thought I had killed him only to find him standing when the dust cleared. It didn’t seem to matter what hold I used for the wind the bullet would just never hit him. Not wanting to burn the barrel out on my antelope gun, I packed up and went up to Montana to see Kirby about an elk gun.