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Lee Owens

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May 28, 2001
McKinney, TX, USA
Why are Swarovski scopes virtually ignored by precision shooters?

I asked on another forum and the only answer I got was that NF has consistent click values. No mention was made of the Swarovski not having the same consistency. This was from a NF dealer and was followed up by a private e-mail "pitch".

Any unbiased opinions??

Thanks, Lee
Hay Lee
Just my 2 cents ok I have three NF's 2 are 5.5 X 22 and one 8 X 32 not the NXS style the older ones. I was looking for a good work scope and looked at three and had a chance to try a few different scopes the one you are talking about,NF and also a mark 4 . I mounted all three different brands on a board and set them up looking at a lable on a 55 gallon drum in my yard threw a open window and checked every vew hours to see if I could read the lable on a 55 gallon drum the end test was at about 3:AM and i could read moast of the lable out of my NF.
The mark 4 was the first to go at about 8:00pm your brand went at about 9:45. I know this sounds like a weard test but, here we can not hunt with a light and i hunt a lot of wolves in the night when the moon is in second quarter till it is full and from my NF it was like 12:00 noon plus when i bought my first two they were the only ones to have lit cross hairs that was important to me as far as my job goes also and she does return to zero every time.

The only problem i have is at -30 to -50 the OBJ and eye foces is like super glue to turn but at the extream cold that i work I am glad that anything works LOL LOL LOL. Matter of fact i am having another rifle made and am putting a Nesika action on it and when i talked to them they were worried that I may have problems in the extream cold becous of the tightness of there product.I know that had nothing to do with this but just through that in as to the work load my stuff goes through. and i have stuck with NF bouth are in or about the same price range so money was not the problem three large black wolves pays for the scope but the NF is super clear compared to the rest and gathers light better as far as i can say again this is my two cents worth.
I hope this came close to what you were looking for as to an answer:Coyote Slayer

I have never owned or used a NF scope, so I can't say one way or another in that regard.

I do own a couple of Swarovski scopes. I have a Swarovski 6 to 24 X 50 with target knobs on my varmint rifle. The "clicks" are very repeatable. I adjust the elevation knob a lot since I kill woodchucks anywhere from around 100 yards to 660 yards - my best kill to date. I zeroed the rifle at 100 yards and have all my "ups" written down - out to 700 yards. Unlike some lessor brands when I set the elevation knob back to zero I don't have to go past zero then back up to it, I simply turn it back to zero.

You didn't say what your criteria was for precision shooting. I shoot right around 3/4" groups (5 shots) at 300 yards with my varmint rifle.


Would you care to tell us witch lessor brands you've had to go past zero then backup? I know you prefer euro scopes, but I am realy curious which American made scopes you've had this experience with.

Leupold 6.5 to 20 X 50 LRT

I have never owned a scope made in the USA. The glass in Leupold is made someplace in Asia so I don't consider Leupold a "Made in USA" scope.

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